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I’m sure all of you have heard, from teachers or from Spiritual Masters, that you are a part of God. That you have Divine Light… this diamond, this beacon of light.

But why, you may ask, am I not perfectly happy?

Why aren’t you able to always achieve the success you want?

We must be connected – plugged in to the Divine. But how do we connect?

How are we able to find it and realize it?

The reason you may not have discovered true happiness is because your Diamond, your Divinity, is imprisoned. It’s almost like it’s covered in sludge; like a block of ice is surrounding it. That ice, that sludge, is made from your past experiences. So, the reason you’re not happy is because this sludge that is encasing this diamond is so thick that you can’t connect with that diamond. You can’t see it or feel it. It’s there, otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. It’s your very soul.

However, when you are disconnected to the Divinity of your true soul, you get caught up in the stories of your life. You are lost, confused and don’t know which direction to go or how to navigate through life with joy and happiness. Your whole world is seen through a filter of experiences. This is the very basis of insanity – your life is no longer dictated by who you really are, but by your fears, worries, anxieties and frustrations! Because you don’t know who you are, nor how much you are truly loved and taken care of.

So how do we melt away this sludge that encases our Divinity, our diamonds, so that we can feel it? That’s by having this Divine Light – Divine Energy – transmitted to you. This Light melts away the sludge.

The only way to receive this Divine Light is by having an enlightened teacher – someone who can transmit it to you. Somebody who is already connected to that Divine Source, who already has found their diamond… who has already been able to remove the sludge and the ice and their Diamond is polished, shining and radiant. Since these teachers have already connected to that Divine, you could say “electrical current,” they’re also able to plug you in as well. They act almost like a jumper cable to “jump start” your own soul in order to also connect you to that same source of Divine Light… so that you can harness more and more of this Divine Light to melt away more and more of that ice over that diamond. Even if it’s just once… even if you only receive this Divine Light once, it will make you more open and more receptive to happiness, to success and to love.

So many people are going to different teachers from many different traditions, healers and Reiki Masters; they’re trying meditation and yoga, but since they don’t have an actual teacher, they might find some joy, some happiness, but it doesn’t bring them anywhere permanently. It is a temporary thrill, but just as quickly as their states of mind go “up,” so must they go “down.” It’s physics!

Even if they are truly, solely searching with all of their heart, they need someone to connect them. That’s the fastest way, the quickest way to find God… to find your own Heart and your own Diamond.

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