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Everything we do in our lives either brings us closer to the Divine, or further from the Divine. Divine Order is the alignment of all aspects of our lives. It comes from the inside out, meaning within our own minds, our homes, our environment, our finances, our physicality and our relationships. Having Divine Order in all aspects of our lives is essential and vital to the growth of our consciousness.

Let’s first address Divine Order within our home.  Everything in our lives is a reflection of our own consciousness.  If we have clutter within our home, it is a reflection of the clutter within our mind.  Take, for example, walking into a room and there are photographs everywhere of family members, relatives, old relationships, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and people that we don’t even connect with anymore.  There are piles of newspapers everywhere, paperwork all over the table, the trash bin is overflowing and dirty dishes have piled up in and around the sink.  Such an environment can make someone feel uncomfortable and out of place, even though it’s your home!

We don’t want to feel uncomfortable or out of place in our own home.  We want a clear mind.  Clarity is so important when on a spiritual path.  We want to have our thoughts organized so that we are further capable of having the insight and discernment to meet the right people, make the right decisions and have the discipline to get done what needs to get done.

Part of the process in organizing and clearing our homes and our minds is to get rid of all the old “stuff” in our lives.  Simply get rid of it!  I mean everything: old clothes, old photographs and old things we don’t use anymore that have never seen the light of day in years.  Live simply.  Don’t be a hoarder; a rat pack that spends their life collecting items.

Doing this doesn’t only help us to feel good when our lives and our homes are in Divine Order. By receiving this energy from Guruji, we start changing and evolving with our own consciousness.  We start feeling good and clean and energized, so when we come home we should come back to a place that doesn’t bring us back into the past – into the old person that we were, but are no longer.

We have to help ourselves when we’re on this spiritual path.  Anything it takes – at any and all costs – to advance our consciousness, even if it’s something as simple as getting rid of the clutter within our own homes, is completely, totally and absolutely worth it.  Doing this can create wonders for our spiritual development.  Even if it’s something as simple as making the bed in the morning and doing the dishes before work.  When we come home from work, it feels good to know that there is no cleaning up to do and everything is in perfect order.  Everything is taken care of.  Everything is clean and orderly and perfection as Divine is Perfection.

I cannot stress the importance of not have anything that will bring us back into the past.  The Divine exists only in the Present Moment.  We want to exist in that moment with Divine.  When there’s all this clutter around, it is a representation and reflection of the clutter within our minds.  With a cluttered mind, we’re incapable of authentically and truly living and experiencing this beautiful world.  In this chaotic state, we cannot be a witness or an observer of the world.  We’re only seeing the world through ideas of how we want the world to be – of our perceptions, fears and frustrations.  That’s the clutter of the mind.

We want to see the world simply.  Clean.  Clear.  As it is.  Without ideas or concepts, philosophies or theories of how it should be or how we want it to be.  Part of the process of aligning ourselves to that is to align our environment; everything, every aspect of our lives, with that which is.

This same concept applies to our vehicles.  We must always remember to keep our cars clean.  Get rid of all the trash, rubbish and old water bottles.  Clean out the trunk and organize the glove box.  Make sure the registration and insurance is in order and up to date.

Another part of our lives to keep in Divine Order is our finances.  Now, this might seem like common sense, but as we all know common sense is not so common.  Ready?  Here it is.  Some profound wisdom is on its way… don’t spend more money than we make!  We must always balance out our checkbooks, try and pay off our credit card bills on time without settling on only paying the minimum or the interest.

We can still be generous with others and allow others to be generous with us.

Out physicality.  Divine Order within our physical bodies.  That’s pretty simple.  Maintain a healthy diet.  Don’t eat pizza every day.  Drink Coke, soda pop and alcohol in moderation.  Stay hydrated, drink enough water and eat good foods.  Move.  We have to exercise our bodies.  It’s pretty simple.

For Divine Order in relationships, visit my message on Divine Relationships (here) where I have an entire article dedicated to the topic.

Of course, one of the most powerful things we can do for our spiritual growth is to receive as many of these Divine Energy Transmissions as possible, from this miraculous man that we all lovingly call Guruji.  Maintaining Divine Order in all aspects of our lives is a part of our own journeys and our responsibility.  Within our homes, our environment, our finances, our physical bodies and in our relationships.

Above all, we must always be grateful for our lives.  For what we have.  For this moment… and for Beloved Guruji.  I know I Am.

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