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Are you thinking this topic is going to be about sex? Well, not everything’s about sex!

What I am talking about is recognizing and creating true relationships in our lives. What we can call our soul family. And yes, of course, this also covers romantic relationships as well.

What is soul family? Very rarely is soul family our actual family. Soul family is the family that the Divine has chosen for us, and very often we connect and resonate with these people on such a deep and loving level much more than our actual family. More so than even our own biological mothers and fathers.

What is soul family? Very rarely is soul family our actual family. Soul family is the family that the Divine has chosen for us, and very often we connect and resonate with these people on such a deep and loving level much more than our actual family. More so than even our own biological mothers and fathers.

Until we find these people, it can be very lonely while we’re on this spiritual path. This is because many of our peers, coworkers or people in our actual family might not even “get” or understand what we understand. They might not understand our perspective or our spiritual inclination or yearning the way our soul family will. And I know, for me, the path was very lonely. I didn’t find my soul family until much later in my life. I had no real connection with my actual, biological family: with my mother, father or brothers. They didn’t have that yearning, that same Love, intense desire and soul sickness for God that I did. I didn’t find anyone who sincerely understood these feelings until I met my soul family.

So how do we recognize our soul family? We just do. It’s so natural that it just happens. When we’re with someone who is a part of our soul family, it’s like the Divine Presence within ourselves resonates and connects with their Divine Presence. Without judgment. Graced with Divine Ecstasy, peace and bliss. We feel at home and like we can be the natural, honest and most authentic parts of ourselves.

Soul family doesn’t have to be a large group of people. It can be comprised of just one or two, or a small handful of people in our lives. Although my situation is a rare one, what happened with me was that I met someone who is not only a part of my soul family, but who is also an Enlightened Guru. A true, Divine Spiritual Teacher. And me being a part of that soul family and you being here now as we share these words of truth and love together means you are also a part of my soul family.

We must release the people that we don’t or no longer resonate with, that we don’t get along with, but for some reason or another we’ve become associated with. Maybe they seem mysterious to us or we feel impressed or intimidated by them… God knows why. It’s not good for them and it’s not good for us if we maintain this sort of relationship.

These are our lives. This is our moment. This is our spiritual growth. Release them. Start new. Fresh. Begin again. As we evolve in consciousness and as we transform more and more, higher and more evolved beings will naturally come into our lives. The Divine knows. Our soul family will just come to us. People who don’t judge, who may even be of a higher level of evolution, of greater spiritual consciousness who uplift us with their Presence. Those are the people that we want to be around. Someone who makes us feel comfortable, at home and empowered to pursue this path. At all costs.

Finding someone who we resonate with doesn’t mean that just because they’re on a spiritual path, just because they like the same books as us or they follow the same teacher, whatever the reason, that doesn’t mean that they are a part of our soul family or that we are really going to resonate with them. These are superficial, surface-level parameters. It’s like match dot com, or as I like to say, match dot duffer.

When we’re on the spiritual path, Divine Light fills our beings and as a result, our shadow sides arise with emphasis and become more evident than ever before. Just because someone is on a spiritual path doesn’t mean that they really are. We might be fooled and start hanging out, spending time with them, but we feel within this discomfort, this lack of resonance with them and we have to listen to that. It’s our Divine Presence within telling us this person is not a part of our soul family.

Many people on a spiritual path have this notion that they’re supposed to love everybody and they’re supposed to be best friends with the world. But that’s not necessarily the case. When the Divine Presence awakens within us, we start to Love the Divine Presence within everyone. But that doesn’t mean we have to like everyone. We can Love them, but we don’t have to like them.

It is so vital to the growth of our consciousness that we’re able to discern and recognize these people. That we don’t compromise with our own happiness and our life whether we like someone or not. The personality is not God. It’s not the Divine Presence within. If we don’t resonate with that person now, we can’t expect that to change ten years from now.

We must forget this notion of waiting for someone to change and forgiving them, and just move on. We have to move on with our lives. Make a decision. Are we happy? Does this person make us happy? Does this person make our souls feel alive? Why are we with them? These are our lives and our spiritual growth. As we evolve in consciousness, our own consciousness is responsible for the evolution of all consciousness around us.

Our own happiness causes a shift in the collective consciousness on this planet. It’s not selfish. It is taking responsibility. It is taking control of our lives and taking back our power. So ten years, or twenty years from now, we’re not completely drained of our energy. That we’re able to progress to the arms of Divine. That’s where we want to be. That’s the final destination. That is the greatest purpose and highest achievement that can be made. And it is our birthright. It is our privilege. We can’t let anyone or anything stop us.

Now, we’re going to talk about sex. I’m young and not everyone has been as lucky as me in that I have had just one relationship, and that being with Beloved Guruji. But many people are manipulated or almost tricked by sexual energy. They’re almost fooled into thinking they’re in love with somebody. People can use sexual energy to manipulate others.

I’m not just talking about men. Women can be the most manipulative people in terms of sexual energy on this planet. That’s within their DNA. Throughout history, it has been their goal to get the man. The man was the provider and the protector. That’s how women survived so far, but we are living in a new era of women’s empowerment.

So girls, we don’t have to throw around our sexual energy to bring men into our lives. We don’t have to wear low-cut tops or short miniskirts to get the person we want. The same goes for men… They don’t have to wear short low-cut tops or miniskirts either!

True relationships are all about recognizing that Divine Presence within. Resonating with that. Once we have that deep connection, that resonance, the Divine will take care of everything else. In order to recognize these Divine Relationships, we must establish that Divine Relationship with the Divine itself. The Divine Presence within us. That is the primary relationship. Once we develop that relationship, and we raise and evolve in consciousness, we will then be able to recognize the other Divine Relationships in our lives. Our soul family.

Our primary focus should be on that Divine Relationship, that Divine Presence within. Once we create and deepen that relationship, more and more, everything else will unfold. The Divine will take care of everything else for us.

So, to evolve in consciousness and to deepen this relationship, receive these miraculous Divine Energy Transmissions. It will connect us more and more to that Divine Presence within us, and we will expand our consciousness. We’ll recognize our soul families. But most importantly…

Fall in Love with God!

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