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What is intuition? The five senses taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight are the senses of the body, whereas intuition is one of the senses of the soul. Intuition is when we’re in tune with that Divine Presence, when we’re in tune with that diamond within us. When we’re not in tune, it’s because of that sludge of past experiences that coats that diamond. Since we are disconnected from feeling our Divine Presence, from the sensation of the soul, then we don’t always make the correct decisions for our greatest good and for our greatest happiness.

Sometimes we do not attract, nor are we attracted to, the right people or the right circumstances or opportunities. Our vision and judgment is clouded because we’re not connected to this Divine Presence that’s already within us.

Let me give an example of what intuition is, and what it’s not. First of all, intuition is not a strong urge or desire. That is the ego. Intuition is quiet; a whisper from Eternity. It is a silent knowing that guides us to the right path and the correct choices to make. It tells us where to turn, like an inner GPS: “make a left here, right turn in 300 feet.” Don’t go here, go there.

Everything else is the ego.

So again, I’m going to repeat this because it’s such an important point. Desires, or being overemotional, is not your intuition. When we have a feeling that we really want something or that we’ve got to have this or that… that’s not the Divine Presence speaking to you. That’s your own ego and it’s guiding you down the wrong path. Like I said, intuition is a quiet knowing. It’s simple. You just understand that this is what needs to happen. This is where I need to go. This is what’s best.

Experience these Divine Energy Transmissions for yourself so that this Divine Light can melt away that sludge and connect you to your own Divine Presence and your own inner happiness… a true happiness that never wanders or fades. You can become more in tune with your own intuition that will lead you down your own path to Divine, to knowingness and to happiness… and your life will be extraordinary!

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