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Atoms are the basic building block of all matter in the universe. This includes all living organisms, non-living materials as well as everything which is known and unknown, visible or invisible.

Everything in the universe is either matter or energy. Energy in motion is called energy and in its stationary state, it is called matter. Matter and energy are inter-convertible and ultimately everything is energy. The fundamental essences are energy and information.

According to the prophetic novel “The Trigger,” written by late Sir Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell, the Big Bang was not the birth of the universe but the birth of its consciousness. Before the Big Bang, energy and matter were existing but there was no activity between them. The creator (God) imposed the order/information into energy and matter for their interaction. This interaction led to a huge explosion, which is now known to us as the Big Bang.

An atom is comprised of neutrons, protons, electrons and hundreds of known and unknown sub-atomic particles in the nucleus. The information in the atom makes the decision on the existence and composition of the atom as well as creating the discipline between its constituents. Hence any two materials in this universe do not match in terms of physical and chemical characteristics, behavior, and physical constants like melting point, density, viscosity, atomic weight, etc. According to this hypothesis a change to the information in the atom it can change its characteristics, behavior and physical constants.

On the contrary, the law of conservation of energy states ‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another’.

Hence fundamentally an atom can’t be changed permanently

This raises the question, who created the universe along with planet earth and its nature?

God (the creator) can make any kind of changes into the atom (the creation). Due to their tunnel vision, orthodox scientists are unable to accept this.

Regardless, can any scientist or anyone deny the reality
demonstrated in the laboratory?

To challenge scientists and eliminate possibility of placebo effect, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi conducted approximately 4000 experiments in all areas of science such as agriculture, bio-technology, plant genetics, microbial genetics, materials science, pharmacology, nutraceuticals, etc. using the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet.

He demonstrated that if we change the information in the atom, then we can change its structure, characteristics, behavior and several physical constants. Science is able to measure, document and validate the changes in atomic weight, distance between the atoms, energy within the atoms and between the atoms. Consequently, it is possible to change the behavior and character of any living organism and non-living material to optimize their potential and usefulness.

Ultimately Mr. Trivedi is demonstrating the existence of God/Creator everywhere in nature and the Universe.

To date, we have more than 350 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals that have been adopted internationally across 135 countries in over 3500 universities including Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Penn State, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown and Columbia, as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Under the rigor of internationally accepted models of science, Dahryn Trivedi has demonstrated her ability to change the characteristics and behavior of living organisms and non-living materials as well as enhance their usefulness. This ability of any human to create a new material or significantly improve the usefulness of any material without addition of any physical or chemical material is unprecedented. This is due to addition of the Divine grace, unconditional love and blessing of God which is responsible for the existence of the atom. Because of this the atom as well as the whole world and entire universe exists. This phenomenon, known as the Trivedi Effect was discovered by Mahendra Trivedi.

In its current state, science is not able to measure, validate and document the Divine grace, unconditional love or blessing from God. Science doesn’t have the ability to measure the most important aspects of a person’s life, like love, emotions, sentiments, affection, feelings, perception, etc. without which human life lacks charm and meaning.

Science, with all its advances still has a very small effect on human life and this shows the limitations in the scope and applications of current science. Even though most in the scientific community may perceive this as a miracle or something strange, no one can deny the reality. The emotions, feelings and perception of humans are over a billion times more important than any existing science and technology.