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    Dahryn Trivedi

Dahryn Trivedi is a prodigious spiritual leader, young entrepreneur, inspiring speaker and paradigm-shifting scientist. Dahryn also is one of the youngest global icons committed to women’s empowerment through raising their consciousness to transform their innate potential.

Dahryn Trivedi is on a mission to bridge science, divinity and consciousness by demonstrating the existence of God within the arena of science. Her gifts have been corroborated by multi-billion-dollar research institutes using the rigor of internationally accepted models of scientific research with the most sophisticated testing technologies known to science. These results, beyond the current understanding of science, are miraculous and impossible to achieve without divine intervention.

Along with Mahendra Trivedi, founder of the Trivedi Effect, Dahryn is the co-author of over 350 research papers, demonstrating the impact of optimal human potential, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Her research has been featured in over 1,200 universities in the U.S., including the Ivy League and the National Institutes of Health, as well as in over 3,500 universities worldwide in more than 135 countries.

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Speaking Topics Include

• The Life Force Ascendency: The Key to Anti-Aging, Longevity and Vitality.

• Re-thinking Nutritionthrough the Lens ofBioavailability, the Role of Vitamin D3 Receptors and the Impact of Life Force Energy

• The Science of Life ForceEnergy: Breakthrough, Disruption and Exponential Opportunity

Quotes from Attendees

When listening to Dahryn, it brought me a deep sense of peace. Her happiness, love, and inner peace is contagious and comes through loud and clear. The topics were excellent, when she speaks it dissolves doubt and replaces with hope. I thank you from deep in my heart for the blessings you bring into my life.

Madeline M.

Thank You Very much Dahryn for your Heartfelt messages. I could physically feel the Love from You. I very much needed and appreciate that Spiritual Connection. You brought a vast amount of Light into the program today and again I am Grateful.

Charles H.

Thank you and gratitude to Dahryn for this wonderful talk.  The deepest Truths can seem so seemingly simple. But that simplicity reflects the Purity and Ordering of The Divine. Your words express Truth in such a beautiful and unique way. Your presence and voice are their own clear transmission. Thank you, Dahryn.

Krista C.

I wanted to say how much I loved your videos. I find you not only breathtakingly beautiful, but so clear in your message. I especially loved what you had to say regarding the intuition, and the difference between intuition and ego. It was an extremely helpful clarification and one that will assist me as I continue my journey. Thank-you.

Sheila B.